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  1. subsct

    There was never a Hot Tuna or acoustic Jorma Kaukonen concert where one of his tunes weren’t played. When Jorma did a concert with Roy Book Binder it was practically a homage to the reverend. The spiritual father of the finger picking blues. Buried at plot 68, Rockville Cemetery, Lynbrook,Long Island New York.

  2. Chris Shaw

    So loving the film and outtakes on you tube what a gem

  3. Ruben Barrios Jr

    Great music

  4. valerie

    Looking forward to seeing this film.

  5. Randy Markey

    Great project! I remember being in one of his workshops and jawboning sessions in Ann Arbor back in the 60’s– got the RGD bug from that wonderful experience! I counted 26 Martin D-28s in the room…sign of the times.

  6. Eddie

    This was long overdue, thanks so much Woody and everyone involved! I was very happy to hear the recordings of your lessons with Davis in the bonus features. I am a guitar player myself. After hearing Rev Gary Davis he changed the way I play guitar. I still remember the first time I heard the Davis. It was like everything stopped. That was THE sound. That was IT. It didn’t get better than that. I had to find out as much as I could about the Davis. I tracked down every album I could. Then every lesson on his playing I could. It was new territory for me. I couldn’t seem to just pick it out by ear. I’ve gotten many of Ernie Hawkins’ lessons and many of your lessons Woody. I’m now a student of Rev Gary Davis, at least in spirit. Learning from his students and his recordings. Rev. Gary Davis has brought much joy to my ears and my life. Thanks you again for this fine documentary on a man who should be a household name.

    I hope the footage from the Newport Folk Festival is released in its entirety! It appears to be some of the best footage of Rev. Gary Davis. I have the Video Collection Stefan Grossman put out which is great but actual concert footage of that quality would be amazing. I don’t know how much of that footage from Montreal there is but if it can be synced up with the audio that would be an amazing release and gift to have as well. Anyway, just my two cents on that amazing footage.



  7. Joe Brodnicki

    Really enjoyable. Great stories and some timeless music.

    You caught some of the spirit of this American treasure!