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27 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Jim Snitker

    Congratulations Woody on this great story, now available to everyone! I saw the “in-progress” version at Fur Peace Ranch when I took your course there in 2013. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final cut.

  2. Tim Hopper

    Nice moves Trevor! Congrats…

  3. Rick Ruskin

    An excellent piece of work, Woody! I especially enjoyed the scenes with you and your ensemble. They brought everything around full circle.

  4. Barry Brown

    My love and appreciation for Rev. Davis goes back 50 years to when I was coming up in the Detroit of my youth. My pal Rick Ruskin was about 16 when he traveled to New York to stay and study with Davis but long before that I had become completely lost in his music. I had an opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with Davis – mostly at parties and after various gigs at The Retort Coffee House or at one of the Northwest Detroit Folklore Society meeting where he’d regale us with stories and songs and try like hell to get his hand up a little higher on my girlfriend Rebecca’s thigh. She used to correspond with Davis’ wife Annie and would threaten to write her about his “attention” and he’d back off. There are dozens of stories about this man that I (and so many others could tell) and I’d love to hear them all. My wife and I are traveling from RI to NYC and will arrive on the 3rd of Oct. – one day after Harlem Street Singer will be gone from The IFC. Darn! How can I get a chance to see the film in Little Rhody. I’m not like Andy Cohan or others who have mastered his style but I know that there’s some of Davis’ energy and spirit in all that I play today. Besides, every one of my guitar students is compelled to hear stories about him and to watch videos – of which I have many. Thank you a hundred times for remembering Gary Davis. I look forward in some fashion to viewing your film.

  5. gary bonnar

    Always a hero of mine we used to sing ‘Sally where do you get your liqueur from’ en route to camping holidays with the kids, that loved his ragtime and blues songs. He was part of mine and their cultural education.

  6. Bruce Mansbridge

    RGD has been one of my guitar heroes. Can’t wait for it to be released in general therapy theaters or on DVD.

  7. Randy Frank

    I saw the film in Sausalito as part of the Tiburon Film Festival. There was a full house and everyone left satisfied with a movie that paid tribute with full musical clips, letting man and his music speak. The interviews were well edited in that they all furthered the conversation, drawing an intimate portrait of a singer I have admired and listened to but was still a mystery to me. An interesting aspect that the film brought out was the role of the generation of middle class kids that admired him, sought him out, did their part to ensure his place in history and continue to carry the flame. The tributes were heartfelt, beautiful and often funny. As a musician I am in awe of the individual voice and musical sophistication that Rev. Davis combined with his deep faith to create this music that rises to the heights of emotional power. This was the movie I was very much hoping it would be.

  8. Chuck

    Great film. I saw it last night at the IFC theater. I’m eagerly awaiting a DVD release so that I can share it with my friends. Excellent job!

  9. John Bradley

    Thanks so much for making this movie Woody, Trevor, Simeon, Dan & everyone involved.
    I’m in rural Ireland so couldn’t easily catch a festival screening. I caught the fingerpicking bug a few years ago & have since become a huge fan of the Rev & pretty much all of his greatest students. I’ve listened to so many anecdotes & reminiscences on recordings & DVD from Stefan, Woody, Roy, Ernie,Jorma, David & more that I almost feel sometimes these memories are my own, but I can never get enough of these stories.
    Rev Gary Davis & his music are a big part of my life now, only yesterday I heard my seven year old daughter walking around singing “I belong to the band”, even as I type this my left hand aches from my continuing determined struggle with his “BIG C” chord (I’ve got small hands).
    Really looking forward to the DVD release & also can’t wait to hear Woody’s music in the movie, a separate soundtrack album would be great also…
    Well done & thanks again guys…

  10. Tahya

    Hope you are pleased and proud by the loving reception in NY @ IFC yesterday! As your friend David Peaslee said: “If you play guitar, listen to guitar music, or just like a good story you will love this movie. Trevor and Woody have put together fantastic footage of Davis, especially his ‘sportin’ right hand. Lots of luminaries from the music world weigh in, and Woody himself plays some beautiful stuff…. (a) fine documentary about a man that the wider world should know about.” Yes indeed!

    I also loved the rare and wonderful footage from the ’65 Newport Festival.

    Please add my name to the DVD release announcement!