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  • It was wonderful to be a fly-on-the-wall at the film premiere of Harlem Street Singer as part of the DOCNYC film festival. Periodically, I have heard various music performers make reference to Rev. Gary Davis, including, by coincidence, a reference the night before the premiere by David Bromberg at his concert in Port Washington, on Long Island. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Rev. Davis before seeing the biopic. This is a very enjoyable movie, especially appreciated by the guitar pickers and even by someone, like me, with a somewhat-limited knowledge of folk music and blues music, and, to a lesser degree gospel music. I very much hope this film has the opportunity to reach a wide audience as it nicely captures a piece of music history that is well-worth preserving.

  • Wow — looking forward to a DVD available in the UK.

  • “play what you know….” congratz to you guys!

  • Catalin, Right now we are showing at fesitivals. Hopefully you can make one of the screnings. The DVD will be ready for release sometime in the early part of 2014.

  • Been looking forward to this film for some time, Is there a tentative or definate date the film will be made available to the public?

  • Thanks Steve, yes, Rev. Davis touched many of our lives and Im happy that the film will help tell his story to new audeinces as well as remind us of just how deep his influence was.

  • Hi Woody…

    I would tele-transport myself from Italy to NYC for the premiere… but hope i’ll enjoy the DVD… Best wishes.
    It’s amazing how clean and modern Gary Davis’ playing sounds.

  • I am SO looking forward to seeing this film and being able to finally get the full story behind Rev Davis’ life and playing. A big ‘Thank you’ to Woody and all involved in the production of this illustration of the Rev’s life and times. Congratulations and a warm thanks from myself and all who are interested in this style of music. The Rev certainly had a huge impact on me when I first heard him in 1974 (LP) and was instrumental in me getting my first guitar and starting along the road.

  • Thanks Frank, and thanks for your support!

  • Well done! and congratulations!!

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